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by:Level      2020-08-10

with the continuous development of domestic intelligent technology. The content of the hotel need to rely on in service management system is becoming more and more guest control system is one kind of the earliest start further use, after years of system development, the function of the gas from the present surface is also more and more widely, the demand of customer system is becoming more and more big, and in the process of introducing guest control system, master to measure the content of the control system is good or bad, it is critical that the following two standard contents in this paper, the measure of do simple narrative.

a measure, based on the system covers service content

with the improving of the modern hotel service standards, the consumer has higher requirement for the services provided by the hotel to introduce important guest control system is a significant portion of the degree in order to better meet the needs of the hotel consumers, thus to make the guest control system can better understand the consumer service mark service content is crucial, so do hospitality services and involved in the control system in advance service category can very good understanding of the client system meets the high standard of hotel service demand, and then choose lay a more solid foundation for the subsequent matches.

2, according to the level of the background technology measure

modern science and technology changes with each passing day, the hotel introduction guest control system must want to once and for all, and want to ensure that the guest of the stability of the control system using the premise is to have a strong research and development background, can only keep up with the real-time follow up technical content service demand of keeping the pace with The Times, for the use of the follow-up to provide more protection. Domestic professional control system in the background to update and expand on has its own unique advantages and characteristics of the technology update on outstanding think more into the large number of resources to conduct a comprehensive development, thus to maximize to ensure the use of domestic hotel demand.

of course in the actual control system in the process of measuring and should also include price, technical aspects, such as the content, the comprehensive effect of comprehensive matching measure based on the use of demand. With the improving of the domestic passenger control system development technology, the control system that is transparent and standardization for the demand for hotel introduction laid the foundation for more protection.

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