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by:Level      2020-07-13
Intelligent household in China for nearly 12 years of history, it has gradually become people to buy a house, decorate the hot spots. With the heat of the repeated intelligent household products, many businesses have used brand of smart home, some high-grade building dish, luxury villa according to different needs to install the smart system, intelligent household blustery, a prairie fire. Intelligent household is Internet based application in family life, a direct impact on the residents' daily life, has a broad market prospect. According to media reports, smart home industry is developing rapidly, increasing at the rate of 20% every year, is expected to industry output value will reach 125 billion yuan in 2015. 吗? Fingerprint lock as an important part of smart home, also get positive development in the wave, there are even leading the trend of the intelligent household products. Industry insiders predict that the next few years, as consumers the ascension of the cognition of fingerprint lock, market recognition of fingerprint lock, and overall industry sales network set up, the waves of a wave of fingerprint lock using boom will spread across China ordinary households. Fingerprint lock the biological type of fingerprint identification technology is applied to daily locks, changed the traditional way of open the door, use fingerprints instead of mechanical keys, not only leave out the trouble carrying keys, and the fingerprint anti-theft lock security is guaranteed. Fingerprint lock product USES fingerprint recognition algorithm, the fingerprint and biological recognition technology, the combination of research and development to produce a product boomed in resolution, refuse and recognize the false rate up to standard, and is equipped with a variety of alarm function, can also be equipped with security linkage and the linkage function, such as smart home not only ensure the user can quickly open the door, can also big degree will be shut out of the outlaws, protect the user's personal and property safety. All rights reserved:
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