The wisdom of hotel guest what are digital services - control system Guest room control system

by:Level      2020-08-12

network digital deepening development also caused the hotel guest control system transformation, while operating a more humane, intelligent hotel guest the service mode of control system is also more abundant. And at the time of the dock with the system developers, hotel, hotel guest need for wisdom control system, the service provided by the wisdom of this helps to choose the best cost-effective hotel guest control system.

a, file transmission service

wisdom hotel guest control system can provide efficient file transfer service, local form data download upload in system is the basic requirement for the hotel guest control management system, including the storage rate calls is also for the performance of the overall system performance. Can provide the professional and stable file transfer service is a hotel guest inspection control system performance of the key factors. At the same time to transfer files of information compression ratio is also the focus of concern.

2, information editing service

most authoritative wisdom hotel guest control system will provide professional services, information modification of the update of the system itself should be connected with office software, and documentation for the call, on the wisdom of the hotel guest control system can bring their own document editing, modification, synchronization function. As a hotel manager, for system document modification and authorization model related to the secret key of the update operation is indispensable, when choosing system should pay attention to these points.

class view more than three, choose

wisdom hotel guest control system is the most important thing is to provide personalized service, the operating interface is of human-computer interaction platform, the system itself to do provide concise and diversified view selection, the hotel management personnel related operations, there are a number of alternative interface can greatly improve the work efficiency.

wisdom hotel guest control system design is vital for the hotel's operation and management, in the choice too seriously. A high-quality hotel guest control system can help improve service quality, in this age of information network is more and more popularization and deepening, the hotel guest control system combined with big data can better analysis of user needs, to help the hotel implementation of transformation of scientific and rational planning in the future.

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