There is a security called fingerprint lock

by:Level      2020-07-12
Today, many entry for home security products, such as fingerprints, smart cameras, magnetic door lock, infrared detector, family security suite, and many other products, all said can provide safety protection for home users. But for home users, many consumers don't know these products, this article will introduce several common family intelligent products and can provide help. As home security barrier, the role of the door to be reckoned with, in the eyes of a home user also reigns. And home security doors now has become a standard families, and the door lock security and otherwise has a very important role. And with the rapid development of science and technology, intelligent locks also began to shift, and safe, and convenient and is there a contradiction? Fingerprint lock general configuration for the above class B or even C level above the level of security door locks, technology lock required for longer periods of time, give up the idea of a thief stealing their possessions. And when the door lock is broken or damaged, some fingerprint lock can also send out alarm and alarm pushed to the host and mobile phone, in order to protect the family property safety of users. From a security perspective, fingerprint lock is also under a lot of kung fu. Such as fingerprints or face recognition mechanism of door lock, recognition, support vivo before such high-profile fingerprint set cannot unlock or persona, photos, etc. , to support remote or share the key to open the door also will open information feedback to the user, allow the user to understand the door lock in the home state in real time. In the rapid development of science and technology this year, more and more businesses, users begin to pay close attention to family security, and the fingerprint lock based on this, the family security equipment constantly improve, more users to provide more intelligent means to protect family safe!
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