This is the can stand the test of good lock!

by:Level      2020-08-12
No strong lock on the door that is cheat to a thief! However, saying, what is the strong lock? What kind of lock you can stand the test? We according to the thief stealing to push, the thief picking and unlock the most good at using technology. So, anti-theft, first you have to pry riot. , pry proof - — Still have to level C lock enough rest assured! The lock can amount to a little thief, will be the preferred technology, therefore, it is very important to lock. Lock is divided into class A and class B and class C, grade A lock is suitable for indoor, because it is too weak, can pry open A little, not A little bit of effort; B class lock is not so good to pry, but a thief if a little perseverance and patience, willing to spend a few minutes, it's ok to; Class C is more troublesome, how also get a 8 - 10 hours, easy to find, as a thief guilty conscience, rarely take so long to open the lock. Riot, - — Don't knock that I can set his mind at to work! Technical unlock make uncertain, the thief would take out the secret weapon - — Crowbar ( Of course there are other equipment) Unreasonable, in general, the structure and installation of lock, or too many parts, the material is not strong enough, 'kaka' under the two started. The optimal structure is one of the lock forming, namely, the body of the lock, only a shell, and can bind to the door and could not find any place to lay hands on, small make up think the thief is almost collapse, so in the end he gave up.
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