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by:Level      2020-07-12
This is an age of science and technology, is an era of intelligence, is also a time of need security, as smart home has walked into the heart, the concept of intelligent door lock has gradually come into our lives, that is what kind of person will need a smart door lock? 1. Do you often forget to bring my keys, off the keys? 2. When decorating, often open the door for decorating and material? 3. Go out sport you don't like to bring my keys? 4. Do you often forget exactly have to lock the door when you're on? 5. Whether to have visit friends and relatives all of a sudden, not at home, unable to let friends into the room to rest? 6. Children age is too small, the keys often lost, not safe, without the key, but not earlier than the child home for children to open the door? 7. After I come home from work at night opened the door, the room was dark and whether there is insecurity? 8. In a hurry to go to work in the morning, don't know which lamp haven't off? 9. Parents got home late from work, I don't know what time is the child at home? 10. Worried that the old mechanical lock opening at any time is the thief into your house? 11. Whether you're a frequent visitor to a locksmith? Open several times a year, also spent a lot of money. When you hesitating, others have laid hands on him, others when you are looking for the key has been entered, you say I will buy later, I tell you, people will not in the future, is now, because the future who also said that is not good, so you want to grasp now.
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