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by:Level      2020-07-15
For a long time, alarm, burglar is a topic that has plagued the people, sometimes often hear so-and-so village, where where stolen. Even turn on the TV and saw the theft burglary case more and more, the stolen more housing is built in the late 1980 s and early 90 s open village, the village, basically is the old house before, ordinary door lock, door lock is a few years ago for many skilled thief now, it was useless. Sometimes some strange things, lock in good condition, there are no signs of a move, home before financial is missing, all cabinet of a mess. Then immediately report to the police, the handling of civilian police said, in such cases is very much, the lock in the home, the thief can open within 2 minutes, and without a trace. Is already nothing in lock technology of online learning, flowers, all kinds of teaching video too much, some of the lock with a little study, can immediately & other; Start having & throughout; Therefore citizens once again reminded of my friends, don't look down upon the strength of a lock, improper selection, will cast a big mistake, lead to unnecessary loss. Spending on research and development company launched fingerprint anti-theft lock, is more security. Four kinds of the lock mode, not general lock company can production, is a fully guaranteed security locks. All rights reserved: Please refer to the original, reproduced)
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