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by:Level      2020-07-27
Now, many families have installed a fingerprint combination lock, and use the quite long time. But most people don't understand to many aspects of fingerprint combination lock, often because of operational problems, cause a few small problems. Below we'll know the fingerprint combination lock. For fingerprints trick lock, the more important is security issues, is also the focus of many consumers care about. Fingerprint combination lock is the upgrade version of mechanical lock, for mechanical part protection, class C lock core with three anti lock body, for technical open and violence have better protection. And its stability good deterrent rate and all kinds of alarm mechanism, let the thieves do not know how to start. Its after-sale services at the same time, the part of the fingerprint lock manufacturers have relatively perfect after-sale system. Because of its special properties of fingerprint combination lock, after-sales timeliness is relatively important, problems need to solve quickly. So the fingerprint with after-sale protection combination lock is worthy of choice.
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