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by:Level      2020-07-20
In our impression, lock is used to lock the door, prevent others from entering the home products, portable to carry every day is the key to open the tools correctly. But with the change of science and technology, our locks also produced tremendous change, now is no longer a mechanical locks field key lock, fingerprint lock, card lock locks already has a good size, dividing the mechanical key lock, these new locks with key lock without the technology and function of the conqueror consumers, especially the computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and process in the integration of modern hardware fingerprint lock, it is to let a person the function of the imagination, there are many more just lock to lock. 1, go out don't have to take the key points with the hand a little can open modern people go out for three items were wallet, keys and cell phone, a string of heavy key often bring us many trouble, bring in the body is always afraid of lost. If you forget to bring my keys, but couldn't get into the house, have to wait for the lock upset them. Fingerprint lock appears very good solve this problems. Human fingerprints as a marker of the lock, it for as long as the fingerprint without keys, through the comparison of fingerprints, combining with computer information technology, electronic technology and other technology to the door open, fingers relaxed a bit can open, the lock time is only 0. 01 seconds, convenient and quick. With fingerprint lock, we can break away the heavy keys, go out don't have to in order to find the key and delay time to work, after work also need not rejected for don't have the key, as long as you want to get into finger point to open anytime and anywhere. 2, the thief pry the door, automatic alarm calling home to install the lock does not figure a safe, but traditional locks internal structure is relatively simple, professionals can open a few seconds, safety performance is very low. Fingerprint lock the sparrow is small but all-sided, overall by the electronic board, machine core, such as fingerprint readers parts of cooperation between these components gives the fingerprint lock more intelligent. For example, when the violent damage, can instantly warning sound, attract the attention of people around you, deter thieves. 3, links to the Internet, more intelligent security in addition, the fingerprint lock can also with links to the Internet related intelligent household docking, anti-theft network formation linkage, family and realize more intelligent linkage function, whether the thieves entered the door or pry into the window are not escape their & other; Protection network & throughout; 。 In terms of intelligent fingerprint lock, domestic brands have been the industry trends. Its special leading intelligent household technology introduced from abroad, can with the world's five top smart home port docking, for the cooperative enterprises with relatively high intelligent household system. Fingerprint lock with intelligent household security system, 360 - degree protection safety in the home, changed the understanding of the people to be resided to the home security system, now more and more people like to use the fingerprint lock, and has gradually formed a habit, it is fast, safe, intelligent features quietly changing people's life, people no longer worry for the keys, don't worry, for home security can even be used in the process of the fingerprint lock reflect her life taste, take your time to enjoy life.
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