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by:Level      2020-08-09

the function of the professional hotel intelligent control system design is a need to countless designers working behind the scenes of the condenses efforts, design personnel in addition to countless code output needs to be converted to pictographic outside need to read and follow hotel control system design principle, then, to comply with the design principle of design of hotel intelligent control system will have what function?

a, optional lighting

hotel intelligent control system to control lighting control at will, according to a few buttons can adjust all the lighting of the room, you can create all kinds of dream lights. Intelligent lighting system can have soft qi gong, can make the lights coming on gradually; Light dimmer can realize the dim light function, let you and your family in the hotel can also share warmth and romantic, at the same time, the effect of energy saving and environmental protection; Fully open barrier function can easily implement lights and appliances for a key barrier and a key open function, and has a brightness memory function.


simple installation hotel intelligent control system can realize simply to install, without having to destroy the wall, don't have to buy a new electrical equipment, the system can be completely with the hotel in the existing electrical equipment, such as lamps and lanterns, telephone and home appliances to connect. All kinds of electrical appliances and other intelligent subsystem as well as in a hotel room, can fully meet the remote control. Three, extensibility,

hotel intelligent control system is the system can be extended, initially, the hotel intelligent control system can only connected with lighting or commonly used electrical equipment, can also connect to other devices in the future, in order to adapt to the new intelligent life need. Even if your hotel has been decorated also can be easily upgraded to hotel intelligent control system. Wireless control of the hotel intelligent control system can not destroy original decoration, as long as the corresponding module can be installed in the place such as some outlet to realize intelligent control, much less damage to the original building metope.

this is word of mouth good hotel intelligent control system of three functions. Can say hotel intelligent control system design personnel to the birth of the hotel intelligent control system and application of pay a lot of effort, and the continued development of the intelligent control system for hotel, design researchers still need to try to design better products to return the support of the masses of users.

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