Three big functions - rcu control system Guest room control system

by:Level      2020-08-08

from scratch, from there to the optimum, rcu control system has experienced the evolution of years of development has advanced, able to cooperate with outside display, intelligent doorbell, intelligent identification electric switch, network air-conditioning thermostat, switch panel, infrared detector, the illuminance sensor, door magnetic and other guest room equipment and hotel rooms management control system software in the hotel room air terminal, etc. Popular rcu function control system are as follows.

'double control', more stability

rcu part of control system belongs to the weak current control system, based on considerations of the stability of the electronic products, there should be dedicated to research and development of electronic products is not stable and the 'double control' series of guest control system: the rcu control system failure, even in the rcu control system under the condition of low voltage power completely, the original switch panel can still normal switch control the original load, eliminated long hotel owners concern on the stability of electronic product safety, fully protect the hotel's reputation and image.

2, extensible, scalable

when rcu control system, pipeline system without changes, only through the original system wiring or increase through simple wiring, In does not affect the interior environment) Cases, the system upgrade. For example: from the switch panel near the two core cables to light controller, used four core cable horizontal connection between lamp controller to complete transformation, it will give more before using the traditional hotel guest control system of the hotel bring more guest control system upgrading and transformation of the system requirements. Three, air conditioning energy conservation

rcu control system for hotel rooms to rent and card, the air conditioning can be normal, loop, powerful automatic switching operation, energy saving, such as sleep mode, not only ensure the guest get human intelligence service, and strive to achieve the objectives of the hotel green and energy saving. Air conditioning thermostat setting of air conditioning energy saving mode, the hotel can default operating temperature and lowest temperature intelligent adjustment time and frequency, temperature controller, temperature curve can be adjusted intelligent human nature, run in the default temperature eventually, achieve intelligent energy-saving effect. Air conditioning sleep patterns can protect the guest body health, but also to achieve energy saving effect.

this is professional rcu control system of the three big functions. Rcu control system can achieve energy saving hotel, the convenience of our customers, improve the management level, reduce operating costs, promote the hotel evaluation of magnitude. Nowadays rcu control system applicability is the key to the importance of hotel service, so choose a suitable rcu control system is very important.

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