Three giant intelligent electronic door lock penetration

by:Level      2020-07-06
'Smart home' is still a sound compares halfback vocabulary, you would have thought of it like that? But, in fact, it has begun a preliminary into the consumer electronics market. Among various kinds of science and technology exhibition, household electronic products based on Internet of things has become a leading role, and giants such as apple, Google, samsung, also makes it has very broad prospects. Compared to, of course, smart phones, tablets, the popularity of smart home products is not so high, so you know it is still relatively limited. So, if you want to experience the automation, intelligent household environment, where to start, and what to pay attention to matters? Home automation products, including what 'things'? 'Smart home' mainly refers to the electronic products with connectivity family. As for the product type, including light bulbs, coffee machine, simmer pot, thermostat, door locks, surveillance cameras, sleep monitor, etc. , and some integrated connect function of refrigerators, washing machines and other major appliances. Connection form into the WIFI and bluetooth, opposite for the former is more in line with the 'Internet of things' feature, to be able to access the wireless router, by mobile phone in any place to realize the remote control, while bluetooth relatively because of the transmission distance and form relationship, have certain limitations. Which is how to realize the home automation? For example, you want to achieve timing, automated lighting control, so choose to support custom pattern of intelligent light bulb is a must; If you want to light to interact with stereo equipment shine, so both must be compatible with certain connection standard, such as Z - Wave, ZagBee, etc. Support IFTTT equipment, also have good seamless experience, you can set up some rules, such as 'left home, automatic door lock locking, wireless surveillance cameras automatically open, all the lights off'. This time, you need to be able to work under the same connection standard of intelligent door locks, camera and light bulb three equipment.
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