Three good electronic door lock development, and to grasp the direction, leading to the future

by:Level      2020-07-24
After 2 years of baptism and hone, get through it instead of electronic lock enterprise to do lock more and more confident. This confidence is not just because of their sales growth last year, they are their electronic lock master the trend of the future, the more clear and bright. Some say electronic lock, it is just need, is the technology industry, now compare with home appliances and automotive industry, electronic door lock industry is still in development, so the infinite possibility in the future. Convenient people's security consciousness and awareness will gradually increase, the intelligent household will drive the electronic door lock industry rapid development, environmental protection and smart will become a new theme for the future development of the electronic lock industry, consumers will boom after 80, living; 2016 - — Three good electronic lock industry development, and to grasp the direction, leading the future! A new type of urbanization construction. Our country's urbanization reached 50%, but in 7 of city life. In 500 million, 2. 500 million migrant workers haven't into the city, a group of people to join the city, it is a potential market for door industry. As to realize the enterprise upward trend, doors, locks, electronic door locks to plan, seizes the market! Second, turn shantytowns into new housing areas. City of shanty town residents and 100 million people are currently. Countries by the year 2018 is expected to complete 19 million sets of housing reform, it is a big business opportunities for electronic door lock market. So 2016 - — Smart market in 2018 will gradually rise, of course, you must get ready, will give top priority to quality! Three is the opening of child birth policy, population increase, the peak after 80, 90 after entering the marriage in the future, has given rise to a new demand for personalized decoration consumption; By 2020 the income of urban and rural residents than doubled in 2010, this will inspire new spending power, drive the electronic door lock industry market sales. So we electronic door lock in the design of the product research and development enterprises, must find out the consumer needs, to keep pace with The Times. In this way can we seize the opportunities, create miracle! !
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