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by:Level      2020-07-14
On the market at present, in addition to the fingerprint identification, some also add password function, so this type of fingerprint lock is often referred to as fingerprint combination lock. Fingerprints, password, and emergency keys can open, respectively. Password function depending on the security Settings, password length in 4 - 12, between 0 and commonly used the number keys 9 digital input mode. At the time of purchase the fingerprint lock, general should pay attention to & other; Security, stability, versatility and intelligent & throughout; 。 Underneath, small make up to summarize fingerprint lock of choose and buy a few key points: 1, security, installed the fingerprint lock, shall not affect the function of guard against theft. There is no obvious safety concerns the locks. 2, stability is an important indicator of fingerprint lock usually takes more than a year after the actual use of will be gradually stabilized, finalize the design. Consumer is when the choose and buy good choice of fingerprint lock manufacturers. 3, general commonality of door of guard against theft that fingerprint locks shall be applicable to most domestic production, this can reduce the use of rules. Good fingerprint lock installation time should be no more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, the user generally difficult to complete the installation and maintenance. General design well, also can effectively reduce the dealer inventories. 4, aptitude to add and remove operations, should be very simple, users don't need too much memory the password and code. High-performance fingerprint lock also equipped with a video display system, user operation more convenient. 5, choose the lock function, on the one hand, is to meet the needs of themselves, on the other hand is also in the quality of the lock. A good enterprise often there will be no less than 5 above range including fingerprint lock for users to choose. Users tend to choose to use their own products: there are used in door, divided into metal door and wooden door, with users of the chamber door, common to the wooden door, also used for villa front door and so on. 6, manufacturing materials as the saying goes: a penny a points goods. When the choose and buy to see the product material, the main material is given priority to with zinc alloy, also has the part adopts sheet metal pieces, and some manufacturers look heavy use of plastic materials. Key components of lock body at present most of the vendors using cast iron as raw material, also has a part is made of stainless steel material. Different materials, security and durable sex is different. Appearance, divided into two kinds of electroplating, paint. Which at first glance the feeling is very good, but easy to wear and tear. The latter durability is very good, but the scrap rate, the manufacturing cost is very high. Configuration lock handle directly upward after closing lock, lift the lock, lock, lock body, up and down on the latch lock at the same time. Inside the lock can open a door with handle directly, therefore, in the half can be realized with a key when you leave the twist locks the inside and outside, need key to open. Consumer is in when choosing locks will pay attention to the nature of the lock is appropriate for your use.
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