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by:Level      2020-07-27
Warm prompt: every little long holiday is when people focus on travel, travel or go home, the necessary measures to prevent or to do. In this alert May Day travel friends care for the environment, avoid littering, do not randomly throw not put out the cigarette butts, beware of fire. For 51 people travel more, and the free, travel vehicles will inevitably increase, friends can pay close attention to dynamic traffic, can choose appropriate national highway bypass traffic sections. When parking the car as far as possible to the outside, reduce the risk on the car thief patronage, if they are to unfamiliar areas, can be appropriately enhance vehicle anti-theft measures, such as adding car GPS positioning alarm. The safety of the car is important, loving family security should be equally concerned. Small long vacation was a period of frequent occurrence of theft, how to effectively guard against theft is the focus of the owners concerned about. Believe that many people have seen this news, the thief aboveboard posing as moving company will house property ransacked, thus camera only deterrence and no security role. So, to focus on the door of the installation, a fingerprint combination lock with fire alarm or very be necessary, small make up recommend UF - 61 combination lock anti-theft fingerprint, the security combination lock is different from the previous traditional fingerprint door lock, mainly because of its mainstream wildcard mechanical anti-theft lock body, optional collocation is any mechanical anti-theft lock body, wildcard sex is strong, speed and quick installation; Have exchanged dual-core dual system, completely solve the electronic lock is opened by technology of mechanical key hidden dual system operate independently, like two separate engines, dual protection, safe and reliable, guaranteeing the normal opening of the door lock, to focus on a more protective measures, to travel less a concern, more comfortable.
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