To install a home smart door lock

by:Level      2020-07-27
All said & other; The trees may prefer calm but the wind will not subside, to raise and kiss the son is not here. ” In the present society, children generally will struggle, not the old man to take care of the house all day. As the growth of the age, especially the old man living alone, if lost keys, for their part, very trouble, and there is no rely on people. So give the house a smart door lock, it is necessary. Some people will hire a nanny to take care of the elderly and cleaning, but, if you have left, just need to change the lock core, etc. , very trouble. If installed smart door locks, only need to register the nanny of the open access to delete. And remotely by phone to check the record, the opening up of the old man to go out or come home time and situation, often focus on the old man's life. Secondly, today's smart door lock very mature technology, semiconductor fingerprint, even the old man, there is a high recognition rate, and can be remote authorization or the lock, if you encounter an emergency, can also be remote to open the lock. So to install a smart door locks, to the old man home a safe, convenient, comfortable life of the elderly.
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