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by:Level      2020-07-27
Choice of hotel lock from a single open shut down, has been upgraded to the systematic management, even is the application of IC card function, the current mid-range hotel there are quite a few are not applied to the management of hotel smart door lock, not to mention the application of IC card system, of course, part of the five-star hotel has started using IC card intelligent system. Hotel users can decorate according to oneself or characteristics choose to suit their own hotel locks if your hotel is under five hotel, how to select the suitable for multifarious smart door lock in market their products is a not easy thing, if choose undeserved, will give yourself a lot of damage including security, prestige image, inconvenient management and maintenance cost is doubled, appear even card don't open a door, will give customers induction uncomfortable chang feeling, to attract customers will be even harder. So to put on a good quality hotel door lock is particularly important. Intelligent hotel door lock has channel management, system maintenance, hand-held data switch, rights management, record query, such as multiple functions, a number of functional layers of layout, closely linked, effectively prevent the harm to the residents of life and property safety of happening, equivalent to equipped with a set of security system for the hotel and from hotel internal safely and effectively to ensure the interests of the residents
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