To share some knowledge of intelligent door locks, answer

by:Level      2020-07-28
Many people in the use of smart door lock or you want to buy smart door locks, there are always many wants to know the problem, here share some smart door locks, question and answer to help you solve. 1. Slide and monoblock design how should choose? Slide and monoblock design both advantages and disadvantages are more obvious, the slide is designed to protect intelligence door lock screen and fingerprint reading head, to large degree of protection intelligent door locks, but whether the slide is automatically, if quiet distinction; Monoblock design is relatively simple, and the panel is through special processing, dust-proof and fingerprint residue. 2. What is the cat's eye unlock? The cat's eye lock is to prevent lawless elements through the cat's eye, using specific tools into indoor to pull the handle to open the door. So when no one need to open the cat's eye unlock button. 3. Smart door lock of zinc alloy material and what is the difference between aluminum alloy material. Intelligent door panel material more common on the market for zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, acrylic, etc. Upscale product is zinc alloy and aluminum alloy more, relatively speaking, than the zinc alloy aluminum alloy high hardness, high tensile strength.
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