To solve the parents' worry for fingerprint combination lock

by:Level      2020-07-19
Soon is the Mid-Autumn festival, many people would to bring some gifts for parents in the home, in the past many of the gift, for parents, may not use a lot, about their lives without too much help. This year, you can send your parents a fingerprint trick lock, the parents because of the age problem happen forgot the key troubles, such as make their lives comfortable, convenient, simple and easy. Fingerprint combination lock on the function corresponds to the parents of life now, support fingerprint, password, CARDS, temporary password or remote app directly to unlock, etc. , for parents, such as fingerprints can be used to unlock, don't have to take the key to go out every day, do not have to worry for lost keys,. For we do children, home installed a fingerprint combination lock, can check my parents' home to open the door remote record, understand parents' daily and get home safe every day. On the other hand, attention, care about their parents. Fingerprint of combination lock M5F is your choice, contracted and fashionable appearance, support fingerprints, password, CARDS, small programs, such as unlock way, management menu on the small program, simple operation, the tie-in voice remind, let parents life, comfortable, convenient!
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