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by:Level      2020-07-26
Recently, it was reported that a user in order to guard against theft intentionally installed smart locks, a few days ago home found the door has been pried open, hurriedly entered and have a look at what was stolen, found or not, still have one more note on tea table: I don't want to steal your things, just want to see if I can pry the door, you don't ask me why, is such a technology, is so capricious, is so dazed and confused. However, even if it is installed the intelligence stolen after lock, also cannot treat as the same problem, can only say this a bought & other; Fake goods & throughout; 。 For a lock, the main safety lies in the lock body lock core. The most intelligent lock lock on the market are super grade B, grade C, differentiation is not big, where the question is, is that true or false. Lock body is inserted core refers to its lock core with the hoist bile lock core, in the middle of the dial head drive the lock body is inserted core operation. False lock body is inserted core lock of it there is only one room like a word, on the lock a connecting rod inserted into the space where a word, false lock body inserted core operation. So fake plug core lock what not safe? Is very simple, when the thief tried to open your smart locks, as long as the smart with a hammer broke down the outside of the plate, false inserted core intelligent lock is almost no protection against measures to him, the thief can walk into the house. For false insert core intelligent lock lock core is fixed on the fingerprint panel, took out the fingerprint panel, also is equivalent to fully open the defense measures of mechanical lock. But if you home smart locks, lock is the true plug core rip panel, even if the thief in the face of he is a super class B or class C lock core, technical opening need at least 270 minutes, presumably even technology superb thief back down again. Small make up that only the LiangSanBaiKuai intelligent lock will appear this kind of circumstance, so when we buy smart lock must not be too cheap.
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