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by:Level      2020-07-13
Intelligent lock is acting as the appearance of the smart home, recently is more and more hot, the high attention. Smart locks in its essence is the lock, its primary function is to ensure the safety of home. However, installed the smart lock to the right to use, also can play its role, let's look at how to correct the use of smart locks. 1. Password needs regular replacement of relatives and friends come to stay, some people will bother to tell him the password or input fingerprint, however, are often not delete after he left his fingerprints or change the password, if there is a leak, will have the risk of theft. Get into the habit of change passwords on a regular basis, not long-term use of the fingerprint of the stranger, to be deleted. 2. Nanny or cleaning personnel turn-over, change in time, and remove the authorization code or fingerprint, CARDS, etc. On the system to delete, it can avoid some trouble happens. 3. Go out into the locked to either go out or go home, close the door after lock operation. If it is out of the door can ensure the safety of home; If it is the door, can prevent following criminals, for home, for good protection for their own safety. The correct use of smart locks, effectively protect the safety of home, make life more convenient, comfortable, beautiful!
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