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by:Level      2020-07-31
As is known to all, Paris, a city of the night, the city of love, of art and history along the Banks of the Seine, has the world's landmark building. Enjoys a reputation as a romantic city, the charm of Paris for the world has reached beyond and horse. However many attractions in Paris, France in Paris, the Seine & on the other; The love bridge & throughout; Become a couple attract countries & other; Must-see place & throughout; 。 However, as more and more couples will & other; Where & throughout; On the bridge, the bridge is finally overwhelmed, collapsed part in early June evening. It is reported that the bridge is on a long 2. 4 meters security fence netting, because not bear the burden of paying, at 8 PM local time, 17 points are pressure across 50 points, but caused no injuries. This bridge was built in 1804, during the two world wars by German bombing destroyed, and eventually was rebuilt in the 80 s. Tourists come here, after the lock is fixed on the bridge, will be the key thrown into the river and said & other; Loyal & throughout; 。 Europeans lock tied to tradition is on the bridge began in the early 20th century, the lover of commemorating died in the war, people keep the tradition by now. But now a lot of Bridges because overburdened, major safety concerns. Because there are too many people in the padlock, space is limited, and the bridge in order to put his own lock up, a lot of people are beginning to become abnormal crazy, they tend to want to take a risk to climb to a higher place, or lean on the surface of the water to complete such & other; Throughout the task &; 。 At present, local residents also once many times calling for a ban tourists on the bridge is a lock to protect these scenic spots, the Paris city government also for these so-called & quot; Love lock & quot; Chagrin, the Paris city official website called for tourists to & other; Love electronic lock & throughout; 。 All rights reserved:
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