Today, have you installed intelligent lock?

by:Level      2020-08-12
In intelligent lock reason one: elderly 1, memory loss, often forget to take the key, fingerprint lock door with fingers, face, passwords and other convenient and quick. 2, go to the supermarket to buy food, laptop bags. To touch the key is not very convenient, with the hand a little door is open, it's as simple as that. Why change the fingerprint lock? In intelligent lock reason two: the wife 1, working pressure often out company or the car keys. Back and forth, the quality of life fell dramatically. Fingerprint faces the password to open the door whenever you'd like to open and then open. 2, community sports fitness, with the key, bag too drum walk comfortable. Don't take it into the house. A fingerprint lock is actually completely solve troubles. Not a bunch of keys, let go away. 3, played mahjong to go home very late, keys didn't bring, call the family to open the door, the members of a family of rest, is so worth it. Why need to change the fingerprint lock? In intelligent lock reason 3: the husband 1, go out dinner party drunk to go home, which is convenient for the key to open the door, fingerprints, password, magnetic card any way easy to open the door. 2, temporary home to the guests or friends, met a traffic jam or other entertainment is not home in time, let a guest use passwords that take the door, is kind and generous master. Guests leave again to modify the password after the deletion. Now have a temporary password WeChat, time and frequency can be set to open the door, after a period of time will fail, but also convenient. 3, fingerprint lock, lock security coefficient for civil highest level after the Ministry of Public Security certification. As a man is supposed to provide a more comprehensive security protection for the home. Why change the fingerprint lock? In intelligent lock reason four: the child 1, careless children often off key, in the lock with lock is extremely inconvenient. 2, children with many key is hanging around his neck, cases of being held by criminals are potential safety hazard is great, so whether the fingerprint lock or mechanical lock, please don't let the child take the key. To adult home and security, at the gate of the children don't have to squat in the lock is around the corner!
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