Today, intelligent, smart locks in the civilian market will get rapid development | |

by:Level      2020-07-06
Today, intelligent mechanical lock security has increasingly cannot meet the needs of the people, intelligent lock arises at the historic moment. It is higher than the traditional mechanical lock security, has more advantages. Electronic smart lock ( Including the combination lock, card lock, fingerprint lock lock, iris, etc. ) As a new generation of identification technology advantage more and more obvious, will gradually replace the mechanical lock lock industry's new drama. People also hard to attribute the high-tech locks combined with ordinary life. In Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea and other countries, however, the use of electronic intelligence door lock has been quite common, especially in the civil market penetration is much higher than domestic with the improving of the people's security consciousness, a key in a lock with obvious can't satisfy people's needs. In terms of commercial, in each big office areas have been used to swipe in and out of the office workers, and in addition to the company's financial security, some financial institutions or with higher requirements for security standard unit is to let the needs of intelligent anti-theft lock, from simple unlock, development now & other; Authorization & throughout; 。 Ordinary people at the same time also for the safe, comfortable household environment will have higher pursuit, smart door lock market share has a big rise in civilian space, will get rapid development.
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