Tourism is just need, star hotel, to open more and more hotel will need to lock

by:Level      2020-07-22
Whether we're ready or not, has in the past 2015, 2016, has quietly come. Under the new normal for most of lock enterprise, life would be more difficult. Is brave, or drift, it is a choice before each lock enterprise boss. Hotel intelligent lock is a sunrise industry red top businessman hu said such a sentence: 'the business has become more and more difficult, more difficult the more opportunities, the key is your eyes, your eyes see a province, a province of business do you do, your eyes see the whole of China, is the whole of China business, you do your eyes see the world, you will have the opportunity to do business around the world, your eyes see today, you do business today, your eyes see ten years later, ten years later you do business. 'To paraphrase in the moment, very useful, your vision determines your future. First you have to believe that the hotel smart door industry is a promising industry, tourism is just need, to open more and more star hotel, hotel will need to lock, the industry is no problem, the key is how we do. View is that big enterprise live on brand and layout, live on quality and skills, the same can live well. As big enterprise, its own brand? Themselves have their own unique skills. Brand with unique skills, well hotel locks on the plant layout, different from other industry manufacturers, 1, have to master the core technology research and development, has a perfect production, quality management system. Have a standardized file support, to a certain production scale. ( No perfect production system, the structure and appearance of the unqualified parts assembly, delivery cost is reduced, the quality is uneven) 2, build the whole product laboratory equipment, processes, perfect quality control system. ( Accessories do not test, the product use environment to do type test simulation is not long, can't guarantee the quality of each batch of products, life, good or product batch number. ) If 3, perfect after-sale system, systematic security. ( Problem solving is not timely, some guest room cannot be used in a timely manner to losses do not estimate, not systemic after-sale charge would be easy to collect fees in disorder, high charge,) 4, data software operating stability, easy operation. ( An operating system is not gears can be stable development, is to have a good development foundation and run the test for a long time. Software system emphasizes to simple operation, is a waiter, don't please operate the technician will use) 5, with the system products emphasize the whole system stability, is a development, production, testing, after-sales system of the accumulation of experience, and has more than ten years of production history, has been used at the hotel at least two decorate period ( Generally 12 to 14 years) , you can know the real use of the brand. System stability is the core, Like the system of telecom operators, not by a machine standing alone, the stability of the system building was built close) Opens the way of their own high-end custom, to meet the market demand. Hotel door lock management system development as a core work, focus on easy to operate, communication, data stability of work, is nearly 20 years to simulate the real environment to upgrade all the way optimization results, its superior performance the industry each other out of reach. Fully emphasize performance is stable, advanced structure, test data, ensure the service life of the product system. Now hotel lock system is the seventh generation, avoid d intelligent lock management system, the software FIDELI0 with Germany, the domestic soft, swift horse etc. Several five-star hotel software interface. Do the hotel door lock for many years, set other technologies, to enhance the stability and aesthetic, as industry giants, to make their own characteristics, to win customers! The process has its own set of skills, so, can be confident in 2016.
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