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by:Level      2020-07-30
Noted & other; The traditional fingerprint lock enterprise & throughout; And & other Throughout the Internet &; , immediately associate to join points between them: electronic commerce. Everybody talking & other; Electronic commerce & throughout; Already was not a new word, in 2014, the electronic commerce also ushered in the development, as well as the trend of inflection point. Now and in the future, the traditional fingerprint lock enterprise & other Electronic commerce & throughout; , I'm afraid I have to be replaced by a new word: traditional fingerprint lock enterprise Internet ecosystem. Traditional fingerprint lock enterprise profit model has its own value chain, and the pattern is facing the challenges of the Internet and industry newcomers. It isn't unusual to this challenge, we will find that each field has a new business model to challenge the existing profit model. For example, in the cloud farms, raw agricultural materials circulation industry a mu field, etc. , they in a new Internet platform model, subversion and challenges the traditional circulation and brand fingerprint locks enterprises. E-commerce can such rapid development in China, largely come up naturally from offline to online of the consumer credit. Today, o2o platform and application side sprang up around the consumer, the consumer and the first from online go to the scene. Scene change radically changed the original mode of consumption: from pure shopping behavior, into location-based to consumption. For the traditional fingerprint lock enterprise, how can come into contact with the changes in the location of the consumers everywhere? Marketing resources to where? How to shape the brand? … … Is imminent new challenge. Traditional fingerprint lock enterprise accumulated in offline channels, resources, customers, dealers, in the reform and development of the Internet, whether there is any value? Don't keep will bring losses? How to activate the traditional industrial resources, is to want to the Internet of the challenge for the traditional fingerprint lock enterprise group. Traditional fingerprint lock enterprise Internet ecological restore important pain points, teams and organizations need to restore, need to have the Internet industry and the thought of composite team and partners. Traditional fingerprint lock enterprise is likely to make a mistake, use simple industry thinking and original business thinking to manage the Internet business model; Or superstitious thinking in the Internet, the above two brings with it the Internet ecological building failure. Internet ecosystem, containing the cross-border electricity, the whole category, diverse fields such as large data, is from trade to industry to the Internet, Internet is a new era of Internet. In the next five years, our country economy industry norm will be business innovation, namely traditional fingerprint lock enterprise transformation & other; The new normal & throughout; 。 The traditional fingerprint locks enterprises start to preparation if & other; Throughout the Internet &; Transformation, the major premise is the need for more business the spirit of innovation.
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