Traditional security system to guard against theft, fingerprint anti-theft lock to ensure safety | |

by:Level      2020-07-30
To prevent burglary, no more than two points: civil air defense and dimension. The police officer said, in fact the stolen several village, has a complete entrance guard system, inside the village also has a large number of monitoring equipment, but also a security patrol. Even with the entrance guard system, many owners also not. According to the working experience, burglary crime generally no more than 30 minutes, or rogue will automatically give up. , so to speak, in the professional tools, thieves have plenty time to enter answers, and hide the good scene after the leave. To prevent similar cases, the police to promote recommended to the owners fingerprint anti-theft lock, & other; Since there are holes can open the door, no hole? ” Left after one was caught, police are also thinking about how to prevent the occurrence of this kind of theft. They inadvertently on television advertising, found something called a fingerprint anti-theft lock. Manufacturers said the fingerprint locks only by owner to open it. “ Only detect the human body temperature, can identify fingerprint to open. ” The manufacturer is introduced, this kind of lock internal sensors, can detect human hand temperature and humidity. Even if the criminal suspect has projected fingerprints or the simulation mould, also can't normal open it. More importantly, inside and outside the lock lock, thieves forced the lock only. “ Increase the risk of crime from the technical level, step is to introduce this thing to you, the next step to do review. ” Yesterday, the police will guard against theft lecture into the Victorian community. After award, to help solve security police to teach the residents about the security knowledge, and let the manufacturer fingerprint anti-theft lock purpose are introduced. The police hope that through this kind of lock, security technology, within the jurisdiction of ascension to reduce the occurrence of similar burglaries. The next step, they will continue to pay attention to the usage of this kind of lock, to verify its security role.
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